What to expect

On your first visit Peter will undertake a comprehensive examination/assessment of you.  Be sure to bring any surgical information, x-rays or reports that you have that will assist in this assessment.  He evaluates his findings to make clinical judgements and thereby formulate a diagnosis, prognosis and plan.  He will then implement the necessary intervention/treatment required.  This can include physical therapy, manual therapy, kinesiology (using Cure Tape to support joints and muscles, and facilitate lymphatic or hematoma drainage), or hydrotherapy with exercises in the pool.  Your therapy may include one, some, or all, of the above as you recover.  Peter will discuss the expected duration of therapy and make recommendations for self-management and exercises you can do at home where relevant.

What you should bring and wear …

  • Bring any relevant medical records that you have, especially if you are not an SZV patient
  • Your SZV card
  • Bring any equipment you currently need / use i.e. crutches, prostheses etc
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow access to injured areas of your body, movement and exercise
  • Comfortable shoes with good support are recommended and specifically trainers for the exercise bike, treadmill etc
  • Swimsuits are required for therapy in the pool.  There are showers to rinse off the chlorine after hydrotherapy.


Peter treats SZV patients with referrals from their house doctor or hospital, for as long as SZV funds treatment.  At the end of a specified period of funded treatment, Peter will determine if additional therapy is necessary and recommend additional SZV funding as required.

He also accepts private patients and walk-ins.  Therapy sessions last 30 minutes and cost $55 (the price set by the Physical Therapy Association).  Either visit the clinic or call +1721-544-8825. You can also email info@pro-physio-prinsen.com


Please arrive at the clinic in time for your appointment (don’t forget to allow for the traffic!)

Please call if you know cannot make your appointment and cancel

Don’t forget to talk with Peter throughout your treatment, especially if you have any concerns or find you have new or different pain.