About Physical Therapy 

Sometimes you may find you cannot move naturally; your body is hurting and it doesn’t work the way it used to.  Physical therapy can prevent, remedy and reduce physical complaints and ensure you can move to your optimal ability. Our physical therapists will help pinpoint all of the factors that are causing your kinetic system to be out of balance. We will work together to create a personalised treatment plan that could include exercise, advice, or hands-on movement support.  

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You can see a physical therapist for advice and treatment.
Physical therapy helps you to recover faster and keep you on the move. For most complaints you can see a physical therapist, for more specific complaints on the spine and the joints in the arms and legs you can see a manual therapist

You can visit a physical therapist with the following complaints:
– have an injury or pain e.g. on arms/legs/shoulders/back
– have a (chronic) disease and need special care to move better 
– had an operation or accident and need rehabilitation 
– need to improve your condition before a scheduled operation.

ProPhysio Physical Therapy Specialists

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