About Physical Therapy 

Sometimes you may find you cannot move naturally; your body is hurting and it doesn’t work the way it used to.  Physical therapy can prevent, remedy and reduce physical complaints and ensure you can move to your optimal ability.  Physical therapy methods include massage and exercise.  

As a physical therapist and manual therapist, Peter provides services that develop, maintain and restore your maximum movement and functional ability.  He can help people at any stage of life, when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors.  He can help you maximize your quality of life, focusing in the health spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy Ankle
Physical Therapy Exercise-3
Physical Therapy Exercise-4

You can see a physical therapist for information, advice and treatment.

Physical therapy helps you to recover faster and keep you on the move. For most complaints you can see a physical therapist, for more specific complaints on the spine and the joints in the arms and legs you can see a manual therapist

You can visit a physical therapist with the following complaints:

  • have an injury or pain e.g. on arms/legs/shoulders/back
  • have a (chronic) disease and need special care to move better 
  • had an operation or accident and need rehabilitation 
  • need to improve your condition before a scheduled operation.


  • Graduated in 2001 from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands with a Bacholor’s Degree in Physical Therapy
  • Is a member of the Paramedical Association St. Maarten
  • Is a member of the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy
  • Is registered at the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor in St. Maarten under registration number 52018
  • Is registered at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport in The Netherlands under registration number 39056388504 (BIG-register)
  • Is registered in the Dutch KRF-NL (Quality Register Physical Therapy) under registration number 71787