Lifestyle Coaching

ProPhysio offers a tailored approach to coach clients on the key aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, with a specific emphasis on factors including nutrition, movement, sleep, relaxation, and stress. The main goals are to realize short- and long-term health benefits by increasing physical activity and nutrition, in addition to crafting the appropriate psychological interventions needed to support, encourage and maintain behavioural changes.

Every adult who is motivated to change their behaviour or would like to become healthier, can participate. In particular, adults experiencing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, or other metabolic risk factors can benefit. Other health benefits, to name just a few, include better sleep patterns, improved mood, increased energy, the reduction or prevention of chronic diseases, and reduced mortality risk.

The consultation will always begin with a FitCheck Based on these results and your personal motivations, we can work together to customize an approach that helps you become a healthier version of yourself.  


ProPhysio Lifestyle Coaching Specialists

ProPhysio Sebastiaan
ProPhysio Remi
ProPhysio Peter