The FitCheck* by ProPhysio Sint Maarten is an assessment that provides insight into your physical condition. Our experts will measure your blood sugar, lung condition, body composition, endurance, balance, and muscle strength compared with the norm values. Based on these values, targeted advice will be given in a comprehensive report to preventively improve care or identify areas of concern. These measurements provide a baseline on which to measure physical capacity personally or with follow-up checks.

The FitCheck by ProPhysio is widely applicable. In addition to individual use, it can also be an excellent tool for the workforce. The information from the FitCheck can give both the employee and the employer an opportunity to make an efficient effective efforts to reduce the risk of absenteeism and increase staff health.

*The data from The FitCheck provides information about your physical condition at the time of measurement and may vary based on factors such a current hydration, food intake, or activity during the day.