Remi Prinsen

Remi Prinsen joined our practice in 2022 with years of experience as a Physical Therapist in The Netherlands and Germany. He is fluent in English, Dutch, and German. Remi received his bachelor’s degree at Thim van der Laan University of Applied Sciences in 2015 and has since completed specialized courses in several musculoskeletal and neurological system treatments. Besides a Physical Therapist, Remi is also an Aquatic Therapist and registered Lifestyle Coach. 

ProPhysio Remi

– Physical Therapy
– Aquatic Therapy
– Lifestyle Coaching

Qualifications and Memberships:
– Member of the Paramedical Association St. Maarten
– Member of the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy
– Registered at the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor in St. Maarten; registration number 52059
– Registered at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport in The Netherlands; registration number (BIG-register) 39920014004
– Registered in the Dutch KRF-NL (Quality Register Physical Therapy); registration number 430172

Remi began his career as a building engineer with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. After a few years in the industry, he found himself gravitating towards his personal interests in sports and movement and a calling to work directly with people to become their best selves. With this experience under his belt, Remi is able to not only provide the design and branding to our practice, but also to collaborate with his clients to find out what they need to improve their quality of life.

While working in the Netherlands as a Physical Therapist, Remi was working with any and all types of complaints from head to toe. During this time, he became interested in the health changes that could be attributed to lifestyle and so, in addition to the full-time schedule of treatments, Remi completed the education for Lifestyle Coaching in 2021. With his registration as Lifestyle Coach, Remi spearheaded the customization and implementation of a Lifestyle program, originally designed by the Public Health Department, in a private practice in the Netherlands. This involved working closely with local General Practitioners, Nutritionists, and the Municipality to develop a cohesive multi-disciplinary program with positive results in behavioral changes in relation to lifestyle (e.g. activity, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, stress management). Remi looks forward to continuing his education and building on his experience to provide excellent care to the citizens of Sint Maarten.

The pool at the clinic is an extension of the practice on land. As his first act on the island in 2022, Remi completed the course for Aquatic Therapy in the specific concept, Water Specific Therapy. The knowledge he has gained during this course is widely applicable for any type of patient where water can be beneficial. One big benefit is the buoyancy provided by water. The decreasing amount of weight bearing can help for example patients with painful joints in particular the lower extremities. Also, Aquatic Therapy can be extremely helpful post-surgery such as total knee and hip replacements. Remi can help with a tailor-made treatment plan from water to land to reach the patient’s goals.